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2020-01-01 21:25     来源:都安瑶族自治县人民政府
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这里流传着神秘动人的密洛陀传说,Here spreads the mysterious legend of Milotuo,
隐藏着令人惊羡的长寿密码,concealing the admiring long life code,
传唱着气势恢宏的布努瑶古歌。  and sung the magnificent Bunu Yao ancient song.
这里是中国布努瑶始祖  Here is the hometown of Miluotuo,
密洛陀的故乡、the founder of Bunu Yao in China,
我的家乡——广西都安。and my hometown – Du’an, Guangxi.
大家好,Hello everyone
我是广西河池市都安瑶族自治县的县长蓝如帅,I am Lan Rushuai, the county mayor of Du’an Yao Autonomous county, Hechi city, Guangxi province.
很荣幸向大家推介“石山王国”——都安。It is my great honor to recommend the "stone mountain kingdom" – Du’an.
Stone Mountain Kingdom Struggling to Shake Off Poverty
都安,地处云贵高原向广西盆地过渡的斜坡上,Du’an, located on the slope of the transition from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to the Guangxi Basin,
是全国岩溶地貌发育最为典型的地区之一,is one of the most typical areas for the development of karst landforms in the country.
因为山多地少,Because there are lots of mountains but few lands,
所以非常贫困,it is very poor.
头上的贫困帽子几乎囊括了所有“广西之最” The poverty covers almost all of Guangxi
——全国扶贫开发重点县、——national key poverty alleviation and development counties,
全国深度贫困县、national poverty-stricken counties,
广西极度贫困县等等。and extremely poor counties in Guangxi.
但我们都安儿女,But our Du’an people,
不服输也不认输,refusing to admit defeat.
以“雄心征服千层岭,With the spirit of “Ambitiously conquering the thousands of ridges
壮志压倒万重山”的都安精神, and aspiration overwhelming thousands of mountains”.
短短三年内,In just three years,
共脱贫出列43个贫困村, we have shake off 43 poverty-stricken villages,
8.2万贫困人口,82,000 poor people,
贫困发生率从26.64%下降到13.2%。 the incidence of poverty dropped from 26.64% to 13.2%.
新一轮脱贫攻坚战打响以来,Since the launch of a new round of poverty alleviation battle,
都安创新提出了“贷牛还牛”扶贫产业,Du’an has innovated and proposed the poverty alleviation industry of "loaning cattle for cattle",
形成了肉牛养殖、which has formed a complete system of beef cattle breeding,
屠宰加工、冷链物流的完整体系。slaughtering and processing, and cold chain logistics.
实现了“牛在都安养,Realize the "cattle raise in Du’an,
肉在全国卖”的寿乡牛品牌。beef sold in the country" longevity town cattle brand.
都安优质肉牛肉羊现代农业产业园,Du’an high-quality beef cattle and mutton sheep modern agriculture industrial park,
也被批准创建国家现代农业产业园。also approved to create a national modern agriculture industrial park.
2017年6月,In June 2017,
在山西太原深度贫困地区脱贫攻坚座谈会上,at a symposium on poverty alleviation in the deeply impoverished areas of Taiyuan, Shanxi,
河池市副市长、都安县委书记陈继勇Chen Jiyong, vice mayor of Hechi city and secretary of Du’an county party committee,
作为广西唯一的代表,as the only representative of Guangxi,
向习近平总书记作了工作汇报,reported his work to general secretary Xi Jinping
得到了总书记的肯定。and was affirmed by the general secretary.
Stone Mountain Kingdom Has Abundant Products
都安不仅拥有口感滑嫩的寿乡牛肉、Du'an not only have longevity town beef with a smooth taste,
味道鲜美的澳寒羊肉,delicious Aohan mutton,
还有汤美肉鲜的红水河鱼,but also have fresh red water fish,
国家地理标志产品都安山羊、national geographical indication products Du’an goat,
都安野生山葡萄酒、Du’an wild mountain red wine,
都安旱藕等一批特色物产。an Du’an drought lotus root.
这里碳酸钙资源丰富, Here has rich calcium carbonate resources,
是广西五大碳酸钙产业发展基地之一;is one of the five major calcium carbonate industry development bases in Guangxi.
盛产精美的竹藤草芒编织工艺品,It is rich in bamboo rattan grass and awn weaving handicrafts,
被誉为“中国竹藤草芒编织工艺品之乡”。 and is known as the “bamboo rattan grass and awn weaving handicrafts town”.
都安书画纸全国闻名,Du’an's calligraphy and painting paper is famous throughout the country.
纸质洁白、The paper is white,
细韧柔软,fine and soft.
启功先生曾评价说:Mr. Qi Gong once commented:
“云英妙制胜南朝, “Paper made better than the Southern Dynasties,
工出西南壮与瑶。 and works out of the southwest Zhuang and Yao.
助我狂书三万字,Help me made book of 30,000 words,
不伤斑管兔千毫。”without hurt the writing brushes."
Stone Mountain Kingdom Has Beautiful Scenery
这里有依山傍水、There are Sandao bay surrounded by mountains and rivers,
如诗如画的国家4A级旅游景区三岛湾; picturesque national 4A level tourist attractions.
有国内罕见的集农耕湿地、There are rare national wetland park integrating farming wetland,
河流湿地、城市湿地为一体的国家湿地公园;river wetland and urban wetland.
有世界上数量最多、There are the undergriver skylight group with the largest number
密度最大的地下河天窗群,and the largest density in the world.
河里有“水中大熊猫”之称的桃花水母, The river has the peach blossom jellyfish named as " panda in water",
被誉为世界地下河天窗最典型的天然博物馆、which is regarded as the most typical natural museum of the world underriver skylight
世界天窗之都。and the city of the world skylight.
这里有一条会开花的河——澄江河, There is a river that can bloom - Chengjiang River,
是国家级水利风景区,which is a national-level water conservancy scenic spot.
每年从春到秋,Every year from spring to autumn,
澄江河面都会铺满海菜花,Chengjiang river is covered with ottelia acuminata.
场面恢宏壮观、The scene is magnificent
游客络绎不绝。and the tourists are endless.
Stone Mountain Kingdom Has Convenient Transportation
都安位于广西地理位置的中心点,Du’an is located in the center of Guangxi's geographical position.
兰海高速、贺巴高速Lanhai expressway, Heba expressway
和贵南高铁穿境而过,and Guinan high-speed railway pass through.
等2023年贵南高铁通车后,After the Guinan high-speed railway is opened to traffic in 2023,
都安将成功融入南宁半小时经济圈。Du’an will successfully integrate into Nanning half-hour economic circle.
这里拥有1000吨级的都安港区红渡作业区码头;Here has a 1,000 ton level Du’an port area Hongdu operation area dock.
拥有红水河流域,With the Hongshui river basin,
首条直通珠三角、it has the first direct route to the Pearl River Delta
抵达粤港澳大湾区的航线,and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
是沟通东盟、联系大西南的It is an important bridge and key node to
重要桥梁和关键节点,communicate with ASEAN and the southwest
也是承接“一带一路”、 as well as one of the strategic places to undertake the " Belt And Road"
对接粤港澳大湾区的战略要地之一。and connect with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
魅力瑶山,Charming Yaoshan,
来者都安。once coming will be fine.
我代表72万都安人民,On behalf of the 720,000 Du’an people,
诚挚邀请您到都安观光旅游、I sincerely invite you to come to Du’an for sightseeing
品尝美食、投资兴业!food tasting and investment!
祝大家早安晚安,I wish you good morning and good night,
一切都安。 everything will be fine.